If you’re reading this, then you’re probably a creative of some sort. Which means you’re weird.

You ever met an accountant? They tend to be very practical and logical and God did not design them to have a 1000 receptors for deep feeling. He designed them to be calculated and correct and precise like God himself is. So what about the creative? He designed them to be wild and unpredictable like God himself is.

HSP stands for the psychological attribute known as a hyper-sensitive person. It's that thing you can do when you walk into a room and can tell how everyone is feeling within a matter of seconds. It’s how all you need is 2 seconds of a song when your shoulders drop and your heart begins to unravel. And you know well, that it also makes your prone to anxiety and wild stress.

You’ve got to stop beating yourself up for it.

The artist’s greatest waste of time is the hatred for themselves. We all go through it. We get these anxiety attacks and overwhelming feelings and we go God why won’t you take this away?! And He’s just saying, you don’t know what you’re asking for.

I believe there are demons of anxiety that attack us and are evil antagonizing spirits from Satan. I’m talking about something different here. See, the accountant deals with perfectionism. If you take that away from an accountant, they become unreliable accountants. If you take hyper-sensitivity away from an artist, you take away their very heartbeat. Yes it means you over-analyze, yes it means scars, and yes it means moodiness. But we have to look at this like David did.

The man was an enigma and likely had some kind of younger sibiling-last-birth-order-guilt-complex, but he didn’t spend time asking why he was like the way he is. He just decided to be unashamed before God. When he was happy, he danced and danced naked. When he was hurt, he cried to God. When he was angry, he yelled at God. When he was humbled, he gave to God. And his love was true.

See, God’s not going to just remove the anxiety you have. Your anxiety or stress or whatever you call it, is meant to take you to action. We need to stop wasting time pitying our anxiety and sensitive nature. Creatives are the only ones who need emotions to be successful at their work so God’s not going to take away your feelings or weakness when you were designed to prophesy out of them. Find your blank canvas, notepad, trackpad, or whatever, take that anxiety, take that fear, take that incessant heartbreak and thank God you’re a creative.

Photography by: Max Bolieau